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  • Check the names of your desired sources using the boxes.
  • You can use the buttons below to display or hide the names of the regions, topics, or countries.
  • Check any additional sources
  • Your selections will be shown in the box at the bottom of this page. The sources in this box can be sorted via drag and drop
  • Click the SAVE button to store your selections.
  • Click the MY START PAGE button to go to the page with your selections.
  • You’re done!
  • Your selections are stored on a per-browser and per-device basis. By using this page, you agree to save these settings on your device by means of cookies!

This page permits you to select a maximum of 75 sources to be displayed on your personal start page. You can mix sources in various languages and on various topics and regions. After you have checked the items you want, your selections will appear in the lower field; they can be sorted by drag and drop. When you’re done, click the SAVE button at the bottom to finalize your selection. Underneath, the text field will display your selected sources. After saving, clicking the button "MY START PAGE" will display your personalized page. Your selections for are made on a PER BROWSER AND PER DEVICE BASIS. They remain valid until you make new selections using the Settings button*. To use your selections on another device or on another browser, you have to set it up there ONCE as well. NOTE To use the Settings / Selection functions, you must allow to set cookies in each of your browser(s) and on each of your device(s). Furthermore, the “History” function of your browser(s) must be active. If you clear your cookies or delete your browser history, your choices will be lost. If you choose to cancel your selection, click on the "DELETE" button at the bottom of THIS page. Then, when you go MY START PAGE, you will get your previous selection of sources. THIS selection page does not include all the sources on the entire website. Please notify me by E-MAILto recommend changes. .

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Selections can be sorted by drag and drop: